(Tweenies are 2-3 years old)

The tweenie room consists of two play rooms and children are able to move between them at will. The main play room contains an area for floor activities, a large table for creative activities, and a sand and water area. The second play room features a story corner, a home area and a role play area which is transformed according to the children's current interests.

The emphasis is placed on building loving, secure relationships between children and staff by valuing each other as individuals.

Staff plan and provide a balance of child initiated and adult led activities, which are age appropriate and take into account the children's level of development and current interests, which helps to motivate them when learning new skills.

We encourage the children's emerging independence by allowing them to practice skills such as personal care and dealing with conflicts. Adults are always close by to support when necessary.

The tweenie room staff encourage the children to join in with daily routines, such as mealtimes and short group time activities, whilst operating a flexible approach which accommodates individual needs and developmental levels.

Activities in the tweenie room are play based and designed to prepare the children for their move to pre-school. Children's confidence, social development, concentration and speaking and listening skills are a priority, and are promoted in an age appropriate way.

Potty training usually takes place during the childrens' time in tweenies. Staff always endeavour to make this a positive experience by praising all attempts, and work closely with parents and carers to follow the child's individual routines.