Baby Room 1

(Babies are under 2 years old)

We appreciate that parents are understandably anxious when leaving their baby at nursery for the first time. For this reason we always strive to make the transition from home to nursery as smooth as possible. Settling in sessions help parents, carers and babies to get to know each other and also ensure that staff become familiar with baby's routines. This enables us to adhere to baby's home routines as much as possible in nursery. Key staff establish close, loving relationships with their charges, enabling them to bond with each other.

Babies are naturally curious and sociable, and explore the world through interacting with others and using all their senses. Their exploration is supported by strong relationships with their carers, which give them the confidence to try out new skills.

All babies are unique, vary in size, and grow and develop at different rates. They become independent by being able to depend on familiar adults for reassurance and comfort.

Physically, a young baby's development increases quickly - from playing with fingers and toes, to crawling and then walking. All these new skills are important and are duly celebrated by all.

Babies use their voices to make us aware of their needs, how they feel and that sometimes involves crying! Before they utter their first words they are aware of language through hearing people speak. There's nothing better than close contact such as singing rhymes, action songs and reading books together to help babies develop their social and communication skills.

Our babies are given the opportunity to enjoy lots of "messy" play and can often be found covered in jelly, paint or water. They have even been known to go home with paint between their toes!

Key events of the baby's day are recorded in their "day book" which is then shared with parents. There is no set age for babies to move into Baby Room 2; but they do join together from 5pm onwards which allows them to integrate with future peers and carers.