Our Aims

Our aims for the nursery are to foster:

  • Personal/emotional welfare by providing a safe and secure environment for all children, valuing them as individuals, and by providing them with opportunities to express their feelings and respond to the actions of others. We also aim to encourage in the group as a whole, a sense of family and belonging.
  • Social skills by providing the children with the opportunity to interact with adults and to work and play by themselves, in pairs or small groups. We aim to help children learn to share, co-operate and interact with others.
  • Positive attitudes by encouraging their enthusiasm for finding out about the world around them and nurturing their confidence in their own abilities.
  • Concentration skills by giving them opportunities to initiate and extend their own play/learning and by intervening in order to encourage persistence in group and individual tasks.
  • Literacy skills by providing the children with situations and resources such as books, visual aids and musical stimulation, which will allow and encourage them to practice and develop their speaking and listening skills.
  • Mathematical skills by planning a broad range of games and activities that allow the children to explore mathematical ideas (number, shape and space and problem solving) and to talk about and practice them.
  • Understanding the World by giving the children opportunities to role play situations from within their own experience eg a customer/checkout assistant in a supermarket, a visit to the dentist. We will also provide them, through discussion and play, with the opportunity to ask questions, test their own ideas, explore their environment and solve problems.
  • Expressive and Creative development by encouraging the children to share their feelings with others through a wide variety of creative activities such as drama, role play, music and movement, technology and art in its various forms.
  • Physical development by making the children aware of how important it is to keep healthy and safe. We can achieve this by providing opportunities, indoors and out, to improve their fine and gross motor skills, through challenging activities and games.