Baby Room 2

(Babies are under 2 years old)

When babies reach the toddler stage they are much more mobile, and are eager to explore their environment.

It is vital that close, caring relationships are formed between the babies, their carers and parents, so that the babies needs are fully met.

Toddlers are curious and, as their personalities emerge, they develop self-confidence and learn to co-operate with their peers and carers.

Social skills such as sharing are learnt through playing together. This is such a huge step for children of this age.

All babies and children learn through play whilst using all their senses. Creative activities allow them to experience different media such as gloop, paint and dough, each being valuable and unique.

Babies are natural communicators and enjoy developing their skills through copying the adult and joining in with singing, dance, music, rhymes and the use of body language. Babies love books and this provides a special time where we can "snuggle in" either one-to-one or in a small group.

Physical development is not only about movement and being active. It includes hygiene, mealtimes, rest and sleep. These routines promote confidence in their own abilities, and security, as even at this young age boundaries are set.

Ultimately our aim is to provide the babies with a safe, secure, loving and fun environment. This will help them to develop into happy, confident children ready for the transition to the Tweenie room.