Nursery Exclusion Procedure for Illness / Communicable Disease

Minimum Periods of Exclusion from Nursery

Antibiotics prescribed
First 48 hours of treatment at home.
At least 48 hours from last episode of vomiting.
None for isolated cases. In the case of an outbreak consult the Health Protection Unit.
At least 48 hours from last episode of diarrhoea.
Gastro-enteritis, food poisoning, ecoli, and dysentery*
At least 48 hours and two clear stools. If an outbreak occurs, we will be advised by the Health Protection Unit. Further exclusion may be required for young children under five, and those who have difficulty in adhering to hygiene practices.
Chicken Pox
At least 5 days from the onset of rash, or until spots have scabbed over.
Hepatitis A*
7 days from the onset of jaundice, or 7 days from onset of symptoms if no jaundice.
German Measles(rubella)*
6 days from onset of rash.
4 days from the onset of rash.
Meningococcal infection*
Until fully recovered from illness.
5 days from the onset of swelling.
Pertussis (Whooping Cough)*
5 days from commencing antibiotic treatment, or 21 days from onset of illness if no antibiotic treatment.
Scarlet fever*
24 hours after appropriate antibiotic treatment has commenced.
Consult the Health Protection Unit.
Typhoid Fever*
Consult the Health Protection Unit.
Until lesions are crusted and healed, or 48 hours after commencing antibiotic treatment.
Pediculosis (lice)
No exclusion - if live lice are present treatment is recommended.
Seldom necessary to exclude provided treatment is being given.
Can return after treatment given - household and close contacts require treatment.
Exclusion is essential. Family members must also be excluded. Consult the HPU.

* Notifiable disease, therefore the HPU must be informed.