Parent Comments

At Daisy Chain we pride ourselves on the service we provide, please read some of our parent comments below:

"I cannot praise you enough, your dedication and the stimulating environment has helped to bring XX on in leaps and bounds"

"We would also like to thank you for the contribution you have made in readying him for school. It is quite remarkable to think, that having arrived with his big brother when he was just five months old, he now walks out a boy ready to embrace the challenges of big school".

"Thank you so much for looking after L from baby room right through to pre-school. In her years at Daisy Chain I can't remember a day when Lucy didn't want to go to nursery!"

"I cannot thank you all enough for providing I with a safe, welcome, stimulating and enjoyable time over the last four years. She was just eight months old when she joined, and now is a self assured four year old (nearly 5!). Your part (and all your wonderful staff) in I's development has been a huge positive contribution to making her who she is".

"Just to say a huge thank you to all the amazing staff who have done such an amazing job looking after M for the last four years. We have seen M grow so much in confidence since he has been at Daisy Chain. He thinks the world of all the staff and we really feel that he has had the best preparation he could have had for 'big school'".

"We are so grateful for all the care you have shown Y, as with E before her, and it is with both happiness and sadness that we say goodbye. Thank you."

"Daisy Chain is a wonderful place and every single member of staff has been fantastic. Not only are you all professionals but have such a lovely attitude and enthusiasm"

"Thank you so much to you and everyone at Daisy Chain in playing such a big part in making P and M the happy contented children they are. You do amazing 'work' and as C says 'are an inspiration' to not only the kids, but to us grown-ups too. It has always been a joy to visit Daisy Chain and a comfort to know how well our kids will be loved and looked after".

"Thank you so much for the wonderful care and stimulation you have given C. She leaves as a confident and considerate girl, very much ready for school."

"THANK YOU! So much for everything you have done for 'A', in helping her become the confident, happy and eager to learn 'big girl' that she now is. You have, without a doubt, been instrumental in this, and we can't thank you enough. She is more than ready for school and excited to go, again credit to you all. Thank you."

"My gut instinct was right. It was the best decision we could have made. It is the extra moments that can't be measured on an Ofsted scale. The cuddle at 5.30 pm when mummy is running late. The patient listening of yet another story about their weekend. The understanding of the individual child that can only come from really caring about them. My boys have felt valued, that what they have to say really matters. This is why they have skipped into nursery without a backward glance for the last five years. You and your staff have been an invaluable part of our family life and we shall miss you all very much. I've got two happy little boys whose lives have been enriched by their time spent with you"

"Dear ladies, I am deeply grateful to you all. One can breathe the warmth and good vibes at Daisy Chain. You are all like a big family where harmony reigns! What you provide is priceless! Peace of mind for mums!"

"I just wanted to thank you for looking after and nurturing 'M' from a small baby to a little girl who is ready to start her new adventure at school. She has blossomed under your care and I think you've all been great. Thank you!"